Nail Products

Lady in Red Collection from CHI

The collection features six shades of red, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and includes a Crystal File and 2-Way Buffer.

Air Dry from CND

CND Air Dry is a protective, fast-dry top coat that seals
and protects nail enamel while UV absorbers prevent
yellowing and guard against the fading and discoloration of enamel.

CND: Red Hot Collection

The Just Red Colour and Red Sparkle Effect combo provide the ultimate in Valentine’s Day polish layering.

Endurance 180/240 Buffer

The buffer features 180 grit on one side and 240 grit on the other, perfect for natural nails.

Fimo Nail Art Pieces

The colorfast pre-cut canes are specially formulated to prevent the dye from running after applying a top coat, acrylic or gel on top. Fruit Salad features a variety of fruit shapes, while Petal...

#14 Cuticle Nipper

This cobalt stainless steel nipper is available in gold or satin finish with a single or double spring.

Mini Tweezers

The Black and White Collection features 2-inch tweezers in four designs: checkerboard, polka dot, peacock feathers and swirls.

Compact Gel Brushes

The fitted caps of these gel brushes can be used to extend your grip or protect the durable nylon bristles when the brushes aren't in use.