Nail Art for the Modern Bride

Like most details of a wedding day, having the perfect manicure requires plenty of planning—especially for a gal biting her nails as a result of nuptial nerves.

03/29/2013 - 22:45
Upbeat Wedding Playlist for In-salon Bridal Parties

Before a bride walks down the aisle, she and her closest friends will spend a lot of hours getting ready, indulge on extra services and expect good times while being pampered in preparation for the

03/18/2013 - 23:03
summer manicure nail pro

I sported the trend of wearing different polish colors on nails and decided to go with a rainbow / Cinco de Mayo blend for this past weekend and it was a hit! 

Colors used:

05/09/2012 - 01:04
Mermaid Mani by NAILPRO / OPI / Mia Secret

Hello again! I've been so busy preparing for Spring's newest and brightest polish collections that I've sadly not had time to blog as much.

03/03/2012 - 00:59
Dashing Diva Lace Love Affair

It’s imperative to shine when the ball drops. And we all know that a girl’s mani can be her best accessory on a special night. How will your nails twinkle this holiday?

12/30/2011 - 23:38

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays.

I suppose these nails reflect Xmas more than The Festival of Lights but I wanted to share about these products.

12/21/2011 - 02:21