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Nail TRENDS: Summer-Bright Manicure

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summer manicure nail pro

I sported the trend of wearing different polish colors on nails and decided to go with a rainbow / Cinco de Mayo blend for this past weekend and it was a hit! 

Colors used:

MeRmAid NaIls

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Mermaid Mani by NAILPRO / OPI / Mia Secret

Hello again! I've been so busy preparing for Spring's newest and brightest polish collections that I've sadly not had time to blog as much.

Rainbow Collection for NAILPRO mermaid mani Mia Secret tint polish for NAILPRO mermaid mani

A Sticky New Year's Eve Situation!

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Dashing Diva Lace Love Affair

It’s imperative to shine when the ball drops. And we all know that a girl’s mani can be her best accessory on a special night. How will your nails twinkle this holiday?

Holiday Manicure

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Hi everyone! Happy Holidays.

I suppose these nails reflect Xmas more than The Festival of Lights but I wanted to share about these products.

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Santa Nails

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Santa Holiday Nails

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Christmas Candy Cane Nails

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Red, white and silver glitter holiday nails by NAILPRO

The night a "miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer" arrive is drawing near and holiday nails are in demand. Here's one more look for you to view, in hopes that St. Nicholas is good to you!

OPI, CHI, Nubar Candy Cane Nails by NAILPRO

Movie Set Manis: Celeb nail artist Maisie Dunbar shares her on-set experience.

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Maisie Dunbar

“The day was very, very, very, very, very long,” Maisie Dunbar says of the three days she spent in Washington, D.C., doing makeup and nails for the upcoming film, 7:33 am, the independent fea

"As you well know I am committed to empowering the youth, ... . These students had a tour in my spa. They're about to graduate from the program and I am giving them advice about the industry as well as life." -Maisie Maisie with author and poet Monda Webb Makeup for the film. Actor Cedric Stewart and Maisie

The Muppets

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OPI Muppets

I cannot wait for this movie. Yesterday Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang were on ABC News. Watching them made me remember just how much I love those strange, lovable characters.

OPI's Meep-Meep-Meep and Rainbow Collection

Nail Wraps

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Incoco Nail Appligué

For an upcoming story in January, NAILPRO is featuring all the fabulous nail wraps, appligués and full-coverage stickers. So, Incoco

red and polka dot nail art with Incoco

Nail Art with Nubar

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Nail Art with Nubar

I avoided Halloween candy prior to October 31 by keeping busy with work, upcoming plans and staying AWAY from the inviting and pretty bowls EVERYWHERE.

Polished Chic Collection - Nubar

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