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Nail Art for the Modern Bride Nail Designs for the Modern Bride Like most details of a wedding day, having the perfect manicure requires plenty of planning—especially for a gal biting her nails as a result of nuptial nerves.... more »
Upbeat Wedding Playlist for In-salon Bridal Parties Upbeat Wedding Playlist Before a bride walks down the aisle, she and her closest friends will spend a lot of hours getting ready, indulge on extra services and expect good times while... more »
summer manicure nail pro Nail TRENDS: Summer-Bright Manicure I sported the trend of wearing different polish colors on nails and decided to go with a rainbow / Cinco de Mayo blend for this past weekend and it was a hit! ... more »
Mermaid Mani by NAILPRO / OPI / Mia Secret MeRmAid NaIls Hello again! I've been so busy preparing for Spring's newest and brightest polish collections that I've sadly not had time to blog as much. But today, feeling like... more »
Dashing Diva Lace Love Affair A Sticky New Year's Eve Situation! It’s imperative to shine when the ball drops. And we all know that a girl’s mani can be her best accessory on a special night. How will your nails twinkle this... more »
LCN, ORLY and OPI; NAILPRO Holiday Manicure Hi everyone! Happy Holidays. I suppose these nails reflect Xmas more than The Festival of Lights but I wanted to share about these products. LCN’s Polish Seal, the... more »