Lighter and Smaller: The Medicool Pro Power 20k E-file The Lighter and Smaller Medicool Pro Power 20k E-file Medicool, Inc. is already America’s leading manufacturer of professional electric manicure and pedicure files, and now they’ve stepped up their game even further!... more »
Ten Gifts To Sell In Your Salon For The Holidays Top 10 Retail Items And Gifts For 2013 As clients pass through your salon between now and the end of the year, they’ll be on their way to gift exchanges, family dinners, or holiday parties -- and needing... more »
#215 Curette Scoop from Antoine de Paris #215 Curette Scoop from Antoine de Paris Clean out unwanted debris and product from under finger- and toenails with this cobalt stainless steel double-sided scoop. With 1- and 2-millimeter sides, it's... more »
Chewy Caramel Pedi Sox Chewy Caramel Pedi Sox Clients can keep pedicures intact while feet stay warm while wearing Pedi-Sox, now available in golden caramel. 888.536.1577 • more »
Endurance 180/240 Buffer Endurance 180/240 Buffer from NSI The buffer features 180 grit on one side and 240 grit on the other, perfect for natural nails. 800.354.6741, more »
Edge 180/400 File Edge 180/400 File from OPI Products Multi-tasking at its best, this file has a 180-grit side to contour and shape nails, and a 400-grit side to smooth. 800.341.9999, more »