Introducing Essie Gel!

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Introducing Essie Gel!

1116 The New Essie Gel System Includes:

Prep + Finish Nail Cleanser

Fortifies nails, removes residue, and wipes away excess oil from the nails, ensuring a smooth, long-lasting color.

Base Coat

Contains Vitamin-E derivative and Pro-Vitamin B5 so nails get the nourishment they need. This base coat is good for nails!

Top Coat

Locks in color and strength so manicures last up to 14 days.

Gel Remover

Removes all color in fifteen minutes, but leaves nails healthy and strong: just what you’d want in a remover.

Professional LED Lamp
Essie introduces a high-speed LED lamp that can be used both manicures and pedicures. The interior is fitted with a 360-degree mirror that ensures perfectly even light distribution, so nails dry quickly and consistently.


Find out how to apply Essie Gel here.

[Courtesy of Essie]