Massage Maneuvers

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Although clients expect pristine nails, they also want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the service, and a high-quality massage is just the way to do it. Impress clients by offering a soothing arm and hand massage during nail services. Adding this massage technique to your manicures can increase your revenue and create loyal clients who come to you for both your nail and massage skills!

Here, nail manufacturer NSI offers a step-by-step guide on how to perform a luxurious hand massage to wow clients! For more information, visit NSI at

1. Start by smoothly spreading lotion or oil over the client’s hand. 2. With your thumb and index finger, rub the palm of the hand. 3. Rub, squeeze and use vibrating motions on the hand. (Note: Your motions should always go toward the heart.) 4. When moving away from the heart, use light strokes. Massage the palm with your whole hand. 5. Turn your hand around and start massaging the client’s palm using the back side of your palm, before rubbing in a circular motion with your fingertips. 6. Squeeze the thenar eminence (body of muscle on the palm just beneath the thumb) and the hypothenar (body of muscle on the palm just beneath the pinkie finger) with your fingers, then press your knuckles in a zig zag motion across the same areas. 7. Next, move the fingers from side to side and up and down to loosen them. 8. Effleurage (a long continuous movement or stroke) the hand, sliding your hand down the client’s hand gently.