Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

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Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

Today we hear from the one and only Robin Moses, nail technician and Youtube blogger. She is a veteran in the business, and what she has to share about her experience is moving. Read her wise words on the nail art business, making women feel beautiful, and our loss of the young makeup tutorial star, Talia Castellano.

Nailpro: How long have you been doing nail art?
Robin: I have been doing nail art for about 25 years now, the time flies!

What about it first interested you?
Nails found me accidentally. I went to take a tour of a cosmetology school (having never worn nails) and saw a woman doing a nail art class in the back. I thought to myself: "I can do that!" I had been on a bad path and saw it as a way out. But I found that nail art was harder than it looked.