Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

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Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

What was the hardest part about getting to where you are today?
People hating. Since starting in this business, there are few people who will give you insurance, a pension, medical leave for having a baby, etc. There are also the people that instantly dislike you when they think you are going to "steal" their clients. This has happened to me in every shop I worked at. They did this until they found out I was way too busy to steal anyone's anything and then they started to hang out with me and learn. I have taught art in almost every shop I have worked at.

You’ve created over eight hundred nail art YouTube tutorials. What got you started using that media to promote yourself? Did you ever think you would take it as far as it did?
I have actually created over 25,000 in my personal databases. I upload my copyrighted designs to Youtube as a way of helping girls who cannot afford expensive "nail art systems," DVDs, and books. In exchange, I ask them to say their art was "Inspired by Robin Moses" as a way to get my name out there so I can teach full time and reach my dreams while they reach theirs. I work tirelessly and use my viewers to help promote me. On the web it is very very hard to get any help from anyone. I believe I have only just begun and that I will need a few more years before I really am invested in what I want to achieve.