Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

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Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

What is your favorite nail trend?
I like the mix-match trend right now because you can teach a lot in a small window of time. I can pull out 10 designs and then put them in the same colors and bam! 10 different designs up. It's a great win/win for viewer and artist.

What is the best part of being in the beauty business?
I have never felt I have been in the beauty business. I feel I am in Customer Service. I feel that my job is to make people feel beautiful and make them want to come back because they enjoy the experience and have a good time. I realized early on in my career that a good portion of women who I have known do not feel beautiful. I learned over time that the women who felt most beautiful were the ones who were educated, gave to society, and had full lives. I have seen the most beautiful women cry to me and tell me how ugly they are and women who you would usually pass right over end up to be the most beautiful women you ever met. It's fascinating. "Beauty" is a word that is very distorted in our culture.

Who inspires you?
Leonardo DaVinci, Rainier Maria Rilke, Goethe, Ramakrishna, Joseph Campbell, Marcel Duchamp, Walter Hopps, Carl Jung. Too many to name, really.