Nail Clinic: Bunions—Tech Talk

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Nail technicians offer their approach and advice for working with clients who have bunions:

“Several of my clients suffer from bunions. Many of them come in regularly to enjoy a soak in the pedicure tub and the softening cream used during the foot massage. I’ve found that during the massage, it’s important to use extra care around bunions, as they can be tender to the touch. In my experience, most clients find temporary relief from the soaking and massage, as long as the area is treated gently.” —Valerie Day, Amy’s Full Service Salon, Marshfield, MO


“I have one client who has bunions and she just had foot surgery for the problem. I do gel toes on her regularly, so I just make sure I’m aware of it when I’m massaging. She was so tender anywhere near the affected area before the surgery, and still is very sensitive, but she’s happy she had the surgery.”—G. Elizondo, D’Hair to Be Different Salon, Las Vegas, NV


“My advice to techs is to partner with a podiatrist in town and establish a professional referral relationship. The professional relationship helps the nail tech practice under her scope while also providing the next step. I try and get all of my clients to purchase sandals with built-in toe separators—they really do help with maintaining proper posture of the foot.”—Millie Haynam, Natural Beauty Salon and Academy, Twinsburg, OH


“I have several clients who have bunions. I try to file the hard callus and smooth it, but I never take it away completely.”—Kathie Kirkpatrick, Diva’s Day Spa & Salon, Crockett, TX


“I have about five clients with bunions, and I myself have bunions on both of my feet, so I understand how they feel. I make sure that I’m very careful during their pedicures by not applying too much pressure; it can be very painful if filed or massaged too hard. A warm foot soak also helps ease the discomfort. I’d advise techs to be extra-gentle with feet that have bunions and to refer the client to a podiatrist.”—Nancy Donatone McCoy, McCoy Nail Salon, Walnut, MS