The Nail School Diaries: Part 3: Amie Attends the Style Show

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The Nail School Diaries: Part 3: Amie Attends the Style Show

The Beauty Changes Lives|CND|Tippi Hedren Scholarship for those in nail school helps out students looking to make ends meet – and in many instances, helps make dreams a reality. In its inaugural year, the scholarship selected 10 deserving winners from an assortment of essay and video entries, and gave each of them a full–ride to the school of their choice up to $5000.

Excited to see this money make a tangible difference in the life of the winner, we decided to see if the winners would give us an inside scoop on their nail school experience – from first-day jitters, to the finer details of the process. Meet student Amie Pollard as she begins her regular blog for us about her new venture.

July 23, 2014

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Confused? You won’t be in a minute.

On Tuesday of my second week of school, Spa Tech put on what they call a Style Show*. For the event, the cosmetology students design hair, makeup and costumes and then put on a fashion show to raise money for charity. This year they chose the Center for Grieving Children and the theme was “Where the Wild Things Are.” They did a 50/50 where you pay money for "X" number of tickets and you win half of whatever is collected, as well as a raffle. The raffle items were donations, such as gift certificates or free products, from local business. I got to sit V.I.P. in the front to watch the show because I was being presented with a certificate for being awarded the BCL|CND|Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship! Very exciting. When my name was called I went up on stage, walked down the catwalk, and gave my hair a little flip. Why not? How often to you walk down a catwalk in front of a room full of people in your daily life?

Our chapter for the week was Chapter 3 “Salon Ecology” (we are not doing the chapters in order). We learned the importance of knowing the different types of bacteria, proper infection control, disinfecting procedures, emergency procedures, etc. Did you know that simply washing your implements with soap and hot water is not enough to properly disinfect them? The spread of infection and disease causing bacteria and viruses is not only bad for your health and your client’s health, it’s bad for business. Your best mode of advertisement (perhaps other than social media) is word of mouth. If your sanitation procedures are not up to par, word is going to get around! Sanitation is critical while in school, and also when you graduate. There is even a portion of our state board test about sanitation, and you can fail it by simply leaving your case open while working. Cleanliness, alongside customer satisfaction, should be your #1 priority!

Because the week was “messed up” a little due to of the style show on Tuesday night, we did not have a new practical lesson that week. We read the chapter in class on Wednesday, tested out on Thursday (another 100, woo-hoo!) and practiced basic manicures again for the rest of the night. The week seemed to go by so fast because one of the nights we were away from the school, and the next week was vacation for everyone because of the 4th of July! The week we came back from vacation we did basic pedicures, so don’t worry folks, I’ve got more practical lessons coming your way! Until next time, ta-ta! –Amie

*If you are interested in seeing any pictures from the style show, photos are being periodically added to the Westbrook Spa Tech’s facebook page here.

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