Organize Your Polishes Like a Pro

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Organize Your Polishes Like a Pro

If you're a nail tech, you are likely swamped with polish bottles -- both in your salon and at home. But don't let your love of lacquer clutter your life! Blogger Krystal Emery navigates the many ways to keep it all straightened out.

Exhibiting Your Professional Polish Collection

To show off your pretties to salon clients, there are a large variety of wall mounted polish racks available online.

One new option is the Deco Beauty Products polish racks which can hold anywhere from 60-100 bottles, depending on the polish brand. Most of these racks are made out of acrylic and are very sturdy with anywhere from 2-6 shelves.

If you only have tabletop room, there are a number of stand-alone acrylic racks, like acrylic revolving polish racks from Queen Nail and Beauty Supply. There are also varied options on Amazon and eBay. Be sure to account for shipping prices as these racks may be large and require extra postage and handling.

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