Nail Tools Products

Germ Terminator Pro by Backscratchers Salon Systems

Eliminate germs on your instruments with this sanitizing system that uses only steam and a special drying process to ensure that your tools come out absolutely clean.
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Tweezer Catty by Mehaz

Protect your purse—and hands!—from damage with the polka dotted tweezer catty. And inside lies a bright stainless steel slanted tweezer made for precision plucking.
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Tattoo Tweezers by Ultra

Skulls, hearts, and roses brand your new favorite tweezers, which feature hand-filled, stainless steel slant tips for precision work.
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Air Filter by Valentino Beauty Pure

Collect dust and fumes at the source with the sleek 3.5-inch tall pyramid-style machine that sits directly on your table.
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#30 Toenail Clipper from Antoine de Paris

Minimal pressure is needed with this cobalt stainless steel tool that will easily cut the thickest tips and toenails.
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Chewy Caramel Pedi Sox

Clients can keep pedicures intact while feet stay warm while wearing Pedi-Sox, now available in golden caramel.
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Hand Sanitizer from Frais

Formulated with sugarcane instead of alcohol, this vegan hand sanitizer also includes eight essential oils.

Kupa UPower Acrylic Case

Protect your electric file without sacrificing convenience with this case from Kupa. It fits the UPower 200 and allows the cord and front panel to be accessible.