The Glossies: An Entry-Level Nail Competition

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The Glossies: An Entry-Level Nail Competition

Calling all competition newbies! NAILPRO Competitions presents The Glossies: An Entry-Level Nail Competition. The brand new event allows nail technicians, students, and beauty professionals who have never before competed to participate in a nail competition from home for free and earn points towards the grand prize awarded at IBS 2015 in Las Vegas.

There will be eight competitions in total, running two at a time every other month beginning in July. Competitors can participate in one competition or all of them -- it's up to you! First, second, and third place winners will be announced for each competition. And, at the end, just like the illustrious NAILPRO Cup, the points throughout the competitions will be tallied for each competitor, and the competitor with the most total points will be crowned the Grand Prize Winner.

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming categories and the deadlines so that you can get a head start!

Submission Deadlines:

Competition #1
Salon Success »
Hand Painted Nail Art (Theme: “Not Just Another Sunset”) »
Deadline for submissions: July 20, 2014

Competition #2
It’s All About The Bling! »
Before and After »
Deadline for submissions: September 20, 2014

Competition #3
Inspired Artistic Genius »
Mixed Media »
Deadline for submissions: November 20, 2014

Competition #4
Design Sculpture »
3-D Nail Design »
Deadline for submissions: January 20, 2015


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