Video Stories

Nail Art Tutorial: OPI Ice Angel Manicure
For an elegant, simplistic winter manicure, try these Ice Angel nails. OPI shows you how in the video below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: OPI Bling Ring Manicure
Red, shiny, and full of glitz! See how to create these opulent holiday tips with OPI Products in the video below. [Video: OPI]
Venique Changes Their Formula
The pro-polish brand Venique, already known for their brilliant shimmering polishes, has big news: they are re-engineering their lacquer formula to make it even more long-lasting and luxurious! Check...
Nail Art Tutorial: Dazzling Winter Nails By KUPA
Known for it’s high-quality products, KUPA is a go-to for clean and polished holiday designs. KUPA Star Educator Yire Castillo shows how to do a take on a traditional French that looks just like...
Nail Products: KUPA Inc. MANI-Pro Passport E-File
If you do nails on the go, or are looking for a lightweight but powerful e-file, check out the KUPA MANI-Pro Passport! Watch more below.   [Courtesy of KUPA Inc.]
Emese Koppanyi shares her techniques for creating award-winning smile lines and C-curves.
Nail Art Tutorial: Two-Tone Sculpted Gel Roses
Gina shows you how to use Akzentz Gel Art Powder to create two-tone sculpted roses! Watch the full video on the next page. » [pagebreak]   See more on [Courtesy of Gina...
Nail Art How To: Winter Bridal Nails
If brides-to-be step request a manicure for their cool-weather weddings this season, try this “something blue” beaded manicure by Madjennsy. Watch the video below to see how! Check out Silvina's...