Nail Art Video: Springtime Brights & Pastel Nails (Mar. 2012): Behind the Nail Pros

Nail artist Elaine Watson joins NAILPRO for a day of polishing nails using the gorgeous array of springtime brights and pastels.

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i remember worked at MTV dressing room prep. for my client going to sing live on TRL ! dressing room was smallest< every one been to MTV would agreed with me > lol. and i was on the floor polishing toes nails my head between two my co workers butts: hair stylist and Make up artist.. and we made it thru... sometimes you just have to work your best and be ready for any situation provide... another time we prep for client for music video very ealy at 5 6 am client still sleeping on a sofa her head resting on arm rest of the sofa , ,ake up artist doing make up up side down and i was on the floor again doing manicure in the dark with light attached on my forehead..